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The Best Horse Trailers

By Staff Writer Last Updated Jen 24, 2019

If you have horses, you know that having a horse trailer is a must, whether you move your horses regularly or simply have it on hand for emergencies. Ideally, you’ll want to buy one that fits your needs. However, you also want to look at the most reliable brands.

Sundowner Trailers

Sundowner began making trailers in 1976, and today’s it’s one of the most popular brands with horse owners. The company is the leading horse trailer manufacturer in the United States and Canada, and sells bumper-pull and goose-neck trailers for hauling livestock. They are available in a variety of sizes, and with or without living quarters. Even though the company has been in business for many decades, it continues to come up with innovative designs for the needs of horse owners everywhere, whether you need the trailer for business or pleasure.

Featherlite Trailers

The Featherlite brand specializes in all-aluminum trailers, a design it perfected when it manufactured its first product back in 1973. As a matter of fact, that same trailer was so popular with horse owners that it’s still available today. The brand’s known for creating strong sturdy products that sell in the United States, Europe, Canada and Japan. It also offers custom-built trailers for horse owners with special needs.

Big Tex Trailers

Big Tex entered the trailer game in 1982, and today it’s become one of the most notable names in the industry. It has a reputation for building trailers that last a long time, and one of the largest inventories in the United States, according to Acres of Trailers. The company is relied on by professionals who haul horses and livestock on a regular basis, because of its ability to adapt new and innovative technology.

Bloomer Trailers

Founded in 1998, Bloomer Trailers is one of the newer brands on the market, but the Texas-based company is known for having some of the most skilled technicians in the industry on its team, according to Acres of Trailers. The company claims it has customers that represent almost every form of equine discipline, including many world champions. Trailers come with a 10-year structural warranty, and each one comes with a number of standard and optional features.

CM Trailers

In 1990, CM trailers set out to do two things: build a high-quality trailer that is also budget-friendly, and do so using American-made materials. Since then, the company has remained committed to both of those goals, and that’s helped it build a loyal following in the ranching and farming world. The company offers a wide selection of horse trailers, including both steel and all-aluminum models. The Big Tex company purchased CM Trailers in 2007, which means you can also expect the brand’s products to last for many years.